Our Window Cleaning Philosophy

Hometown Windows is proud of our commitment to quality. Our goal is that when we leave, your reaction is "I had no idea my windows could get that clean!" We probably aren't the best choice for you if you are looking for the cheapest option. There are many other window cleaning companies that you can choose from whose goal is to be done with your house as fast as possible. Leaving dirt or paint on windows, dripping on carpets, water on the window sill, banging against the siding with ladders, wearing dirty shoes inside and unfriendly service are definitely not part of our service!

We look at almost every single job we do in person to determine the best option for your windows. Window cleaning is not a "one size fits all" business. Here are the things we use to bid each job:

  • Number of windows
  • Accessibility (2nd floor, daylight basement, trees, landscaping, side hills, etc.)
  • Type of windows (vinyl, wood, metal)
  • Style of windows (typical, arch, french pane)
  • Number of window screens (metal, cloth, fiber, condition)
  • Condition of windows (normal dirt, long term dirt/gunk, construction debris)
  • Interior access (window coverings, sill decorations, furniture placement)

Once we review all of those, we offer a tailored service ranging from our basic package including interior and exterior panes of glass plus brushing off screens to our deluxe package including interior and exterior panes of glass, hand cleaning all screens, wiping down the entire window frame area including the tracks and sill.

Call us today at 425-844-8171 or submit a contact form to get your free quote and experience the Hometown quality difference!

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